Walking for peace on the Camino de Santiago

In July and August 2015, I have been walking on the Camino Frances, from Santiago to the Somport Pass, offering free hugs to pilgrims from all over the world.

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Free hugs for peace back at home

This morning, I was at the weekly market in Namur, Belgium, giving free hugs to the people passing by.

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The nicest YES to free hugs

I already told you about people refusing free hugs, sometimes with very funny excuses. But it would not be fair to forget the big majority of people who accepted my free hugs. 
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Sowing seeds of love with free hugs

After giving my hugs on the camino, I often invite pilgrims to give each other a hug, too. The reaction is always very positive. 

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Free hug pictures from all over the world

During my walk on the Camino de Santiago, many people took pictures of me giving free hugs. They where really kind to send them to me, sometimes with a very nice message. 
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What is your message to the world?

On the road to Calzadilla de la Cueza, in the middle of a very warm day, I met Bastien from Setes and Quentin from Montpellier, two French guys who were making a documentary about the Camino : "Retour sur le Chemin de vos Rêves". 

Their question to the pilgrims was very simple: "What is your message to the world?"
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About me

My name is Sylvie. I am 44, I come from Belgium.


In August 2014, I arrived at Cabo Fisterra, after a long, grateful walk.


At that precise moment, I saw a sign saying: "May Peace Prevail On Earth"...


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About Free Hugs

Hugging each other, heart on heart, is a very strong way to give a peace sign.

It is also a way and to reject racism, fear and hate of the stranger.

What if this could change the world?


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